Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bout Day, x2

Today's my first away bout - my second bout EVER - and the nerves are kicking in like crazy.  It's just a mixer bout, with nothing at stake, but I don't know if that makes the derby jitters better or worse.  I don't know anything about what to expect - I've never seen this rink before, never met the host league, don't know who's in charge, don't know how they do things.  I don't even know what I'm going to wear!

OK, that last part should be easy.  I'm driving myself to the bout, so I can pick one outfit, and just pack all my other derby clothes in the car, in case I change my mind.  I'm also packing every spare wheel I own, and have lost track of how many extra laces are crammed into my skate bag.  I have two backup mouthguards - one fitted, one new - and I'm probably going to throw all my extra pads into the car.  Just in case.  And duct tape.  There's no such thing as too much duct tape.

Yeah, I have the pre-bout jitters. But I'm also really looking forward to it.  I think I had an epiphany of sorts regarding hip checks on Wednesday night, thanks to help from my friend Sick, and memories of Bonnie D. Stroir's summer camp.  Get low, stay low, hit hard, watch my elbows.  I probably can't bout with sponges tucked under my arms, but maybe I'll drive down there with them.

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